With nearly 27 years of experience performing on stage & on camera, Brian received his first paycheck as an actor in 1994 playing Billy in the musical Free to Be, You and Me in his home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For decades he has performed in numerous productions of all kinds, and in multiple cities around the USA including: Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He recently spent 6 years performing under stage combat and dance contracts at San Francisco Opera, and currently plays a series regular character named Brent, A cocky yet air-headed jock turned life coach, on Revry TV’s parody of The Real Housewives. Since character acting has always been his focus, Brian also appears as the drag queen La Jessica in the award winning film Another Barrio, which has just been added to iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming services. Last but not least, Brian has been a principal actor in over 30 commercials and 80 industrials; Many of which have been seen nationally, and have carried recognizable names like: Google, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Yelp, & Wells Fargo.

With many artistic skills at his disposal, Brian has been employed as an actor, fighter, stuntman, precision driver, singer, dancer, writer, and storyboard artist over the years. In his spare time, he currently uses his love of comic books and helping others to write both of his columns soon to be books: “Spotlight” and “What Would Wonder Woman Do?”.

Follow him on social media or subscribe to his newsletter by visiting his site www.BrianJPatterson.net where you’ll find links to everything, including his blog (soon to be book) www.AskWWWWD.com.  


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