Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary campaign poster at DC Comics

Wonder Woman definitely inspired me to do good in the world, and she shaped my life in all aspects, and I have Lynda Carter to thank for the initial inspiration.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman”

I always knew I was different when I was a kid, and my difference led me to becoming a hermit in a way (Mostly due to fear & trauma), but Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman gave me an avenue of escape and empowerment that lasted a lifetime.

I used to watch her 70s show & copy every single thing that Lynda Did on screen as Wonder Woman while wearing a very detailed outfit including toilet paper rolls as bracelets. It led me to a few discoveries…

The first and most important discovery I made is that I was a performing artist. Out of all of the arts, drawing was my very first love. I would draw anywhere and everywhere I could. Here is a drawing from when I was 8 years old, and naturally Wonder Woman was my subject. For comparison, here’s one from 2004.

Through my interest in Wonder Woman, my mom would buy me any & all comic books in which Wonder Woman would appear. I was instantly a fan, and I currently have a collection of comic books worth over $20K, and I’ve now been attending @Comic_Con for over 20 years. No, it STILL doesn’t help me get tickets.

The comics advanced my learning, and I read at a very early age. So early that my family often wondered if I was gifted. I concentrated on the cultural and mythological aspects of Wonder Woman, and would incorporate it into nearly all of my studies. I ended up in a few scholars courses in school, but was always feeling out of place and unsettled.

In high school, I also discovered I was a pretty good performer, and I was more comfortable with & around others when I was ‘wearing the skin’ & given the words of another character. So naturally, I went into acting. It was my escape from the trauma I had and was experiencing.

As an actor, I would go on to do a multitude of roles in many different mediums. I was directed by #Broadway/Fossee alum @LenoraNemetz, appeared in a film with Go Go’s guitarist @janewiedlin, and was cast as a series regular/lead character on a @REVRYTV show parodying @BravoTV’s @Real_Housewives.

I excelled in commercials, & have been a principal actor in over 120 commercials and industrials. However, it’s the 2015 @eBay spot about my love of @DCWonderWoman which I’m most proud. Mostly because I was able to appear alongside work from some of my absolute FAVORITE Wonder Woman artists #GeorgePerez, @NicolaScottArt & @PhilJimenezNYC!

In @RealLyndaCarter’s television show, I saw that #WonderWoman displayed a multitude of skills. One of them was dance (Beauty on Parade). So I started understanding what that was, and eventually, that original interest landed me as a dancer at @SFOpera for the larger part of a decade.

Wonder Woman even sang. Even though I was shamed throughout my childhood when people told me I couldn’t sing (more on that in the future), I ended up singing in over 20 musicals, including one in 2005(? I think) with @2BrokeGirls@BethBehrs. I also have ALL Lynda’s albums & a fun story.

It was my spiritual quest to give back to the world some of what Wonder Woman had given to me, that led me to creating @AskWWWWD (Ask What Would Wonder Woman Do?), & even connecting every so often with creator’s granddaughter @ChristieMarston for guidance.

With it, I examined her mission of love and fair play. What I found is a great way to use her love and wisdom to be a catalyst for betterment and unification of people. I hope to do just that! Here’s an example of what we do.

But my spirit was tested in 2017-2019 when I considered suicide. It was Wonder Woman that brought me out of it.

Then, after finally getting through all of that trauma and doing a lot of healing, the pandemic came. During lockdown #WonderWoman brought me the inspiration to reinvent myself, my purpose & my career in a fantastic new way… @WonderBoyTV was born! (Trailer being edited!)

#WonderWoman gave me reading, comic books, performance, art, acting, dance, singing, a career, spirituality, a calling, a mission, wisdom, and resurrected my soul. And @RealLyndaCarter was the impotice for everything.

Thanks Mom 4 always encouraging me 2 love #WonderWoman, & everyone with a hand in my journey. But HUGE thanks to @RealLyndaCarter who was the PERFECT @DCWonderWoman & original example to start the journey. As Bobby says, #LeadWithLove! -BrianJPatterson.com #WonderWomanDay END


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